Elsa Petersons Spetsaffär Eftr. Du kan betala via FAKTURA, med SWISH eller PAYPAL.

Butiken är den äldsta spetsaffären i sitt slag. Verksamheten grundades 1920 av Elsa Peterson och idag drivs den av hennes dotterdotter Karin Landtblom.

Hi America!

Hi America

I know that we have many Followers ”over there”! It is nice that it is such an worlwide interest for laces. My question to you is if you by any chance have information regarding lacemaking in Atlantic City (or New York). It would be nice to know a bit more about what happened to the Schoultz-familie! https://elsapetersonsspetsaffar.com/ingeborg-schoultz/
And of course – if you know anything about the Columbian exhibition i Chicago 1893!! A photo from the Swedish contribution would be something!! It was Aurore Ingelotz and Charlotte Randel who represented Vadstena lacemaking. https://elsapetersonsspetsaffar.com/aurore-ingelotz/
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Med vänliga hälsningar Karin Landtblom


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